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Check out he mobile responsive layoutsFormed in 2009 MyPal Web Solutions Ltd is a progressive web development company based in Fishponds.

The proprietor, Martin Terry-Evans originally started coding websites in the late 1990's and started freelancing in early 1999.

Web development skils were honed during time employed by Sift, building and maintaining CMS community websites throughout the period 2000 to 2007.

After leaving Sift in 2007 freelancing was recommenced and soon after the decision was made to form the MyPal Web Solutions Ltd  company

MyPal Web Solutions Ltd :


46 Brook Road

BS16 3SL

Tel : 0750 673 0511


new D8 Pubsite


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New Website now live

New website now live for Cotswold Living Spaces


Brexit the Top 10 Lies Debunked

Brexit the 10 Top Lies Debunked

  1. Brexit means Brexit - Brexit actually means dis-enfranchising UK electorate (removing all EU voting rights) against the wishes of 48% of the uk electorate in one fell swoop.

Custom Drupal Video Background Module

A custom Drupal module has been developed to compliment the Video Background module.

Scroll to top module

This is a jquery floating scroll to top button - Demo

Download - unzip and place the folder in your custom modules folder

Install as normal 


Vineyards directory -The Great British Vineyards Guide

The new "Great British Vineyards Guide" is now live at http://www.gbvg.uk

Over 700 vineyards in Great Britain featured

Listings include:


Drupal 8

Drupal 8

MypalWeb  new site under development in Drupal 8

Featuring responsive 'Burns' effect image slider


Mypalweb.com mobile screenshot

MyPal Web goes mobile


New responsive layout added to MyPalweb.com




Web Speech Synthesis Demo