Brexit the Top 10 Lies Debunked

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Brexit the 10 Top Lies Debunked

  1. Brexit means Brexit - Brexit actually means dis-enfranchising UK electorate (removing all EU voting rights) against the wishes of 48% of the uk electorate in one fell swoop.
  2. Brexit means taking back control of our money - Brexit actually means immediate 20% devaluation of the pounds in your pocket, a rise in inflation and more devaluation to come.
  3. Brexit means taking back control of our borders - Brexit actually allows 52% of the UK electorate to effectively build a wall around the 100%
  4. Brexit means the ability to do trade deals all over the world - Brexit means trade deals which will undoubtedly mean allowing foreign entities to profit from our gullability & self-imposed weakness.
  5. Brexit means more money for the NHS - Brexit actually means less money for NHS and increased privatisation of health provision ensuring that 100% of UK citizens will pay more for their healthcare.
  6. Brexit means we will be safer - Brexit actually means we are alone and less secure, Russia feels comfortable enough that they can commit murder on British soil with impunity.
  7. Brexit means non-eu countries will queue up to make deals with UK - Brexit means that we have no alternative other than to look for support from proven liars and protectionists i.e. POTUS
  8. Brexit means more jobs for UK citizens. - Brexit actually means HUGE shortage of healthcare professionals in NHS, & farm produce rotting in our fields because our shiny new wall will deter low-paid, seasonal guest workers.
  9. Brexit means more inward investment. - Brexit means privatisation of some of our potentially profitable institutions, financial institutions looking to move across the chanel, less well-paid jobs, and uncertainty for major UK industries causing major divestment in the UK.
  10. Brexit means less bureaucracy. - Brexit means massive increase in bureaucracy including trade tarrifs, customs hassles, inreasing likeliehood of trade wars, whilst needing huge new legislation without parliamentary scrutiny, effectively dis-enfranchising 100% of the UK electorate.

Meanwhile, the most ruthless dictator since Stalin sits back and laughs at us whilst exporting his murderers & effectively dividing the peoples of Europe and the US with his malicious propaganda - something beyond the wildest dreams of Stalin...

So there iti is...

To paraphrase probably the most famous anti-nazi in history

never, in the history of human democracy have so many turkeys voted for xmas